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Creation, development and management of your real estate assets

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Our company is a leading residential developer and investment house, dedicated to creating innovative and sustainable solutions that enhance communities and improve people’s lives.

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Approx. 4.000 developed and built residential and student apartments for private and institutional investors across Europe

Experience as developer and asset manager in Poland and Germany

Over 25 years of experience in real estate market


An experienced business partner

Pegazus Investment’s primary focus is on executing residential investment projects that prioritize professionalism and high-quality services, guaranteeing customers’ desired standards for apartment execution. Our thorough preparation of residential projects emphasizes functionality and quality to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. To achieve this, we work with a team of experienced and innovative architects and engineers to create modern products that feature significant architecture and optimally planned apartments.


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Racławicka, Kraków

We are proud to present to you our investment on Raclawicka Street in Warsaw, developed by Pegazus Investment together with Activ Investment in 2022. The project includes an eight-story building with an underground garage, which will be divided into 2 parts. In the first part of the building, 182 serviced apartments will be built (approximately 6.222 m²). In the second part of the building there will be 249 rooms for students (about 4.650 m²). The project is scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2024, at which time the building will be handed over to the Zeitraum subsidiary, which will be the operator. The project is being built under BREEAM certification. Our company also sticks to the rules of ESG.


Konstruktorska, Warsaw

We present to you a new PRS and student apartment project on Konstruktorska Street in a great location of Warsaw. The project includes 2 concepts giving the possibility to design both a Student House and a Long-Term Rental House (PRS). The apartments have been designed to make the most of the building’s potential. Small square meters of apartments ideally suited for rental, which is the most desirable product on the market. Our company always insists on the highest quality and functionality of its projects, and this building is no exception. Using the creativity and experience of our team of architects, we have created a modern building with attention to every detail.


Hipoteczna, Łódź

We are pleased to introduce a new residential development on Hipoteczna Street in Lodz. It is a unique city in Poland. Lodz was selected by National Geographic Traveler as one of the “Best of the World 2022” destinations.
The city of Lodz was also ranked 2nd in Lonely Planet’s “Best Value Destination” in 2019. The project will include 11 residential buildings, with 1.172 apartments designed, as well as commercial units with stores and services that will provide confortable housing for future residents. We invite you to learn more about our offer and visit this unique building!


Mikołowska, Katowice

The project includes a five-story building with an underground garage, which will include 21 apartments with areas ranging from 39 to 84 sqm. Excellent location, high standard, modern design and well-thought-out apartment layouts are the main advantages of the development. The investment is located in the very center of Katowice, just a 10-minute walk (700 m) from the Central Railway Station and Galeria Katowicka, which gives endless possibilities of spending free time, as well as access to workplaces or many universities. The closest surroundings of the investment, rich in various retail and service points such as stores, cafes, restaurants, galleries, cinemas make everything you need within easy reach.


About Founders

Working with passion

The company was established based on the many years of experience of its shareholders in the field of real estate investment, running commercial and production companies, and implementing construction investments. The company is led by a professional team, complementing their experience and responsibility with courage in taking on challenges.

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Frequently inquired topics

What are the advantages for the investor

Pegazus offers institutional investors a full service for all projects. From the planning of sustainable and excellently planned projects, through the construction of turnkey, furnished buildings, to professional leasing and management after completion.

We finish turnkey apartments

Our company provides comprehensive turnkey finishing of apartments. Thanks to our approach, our clients do not have to worry about any stages of finishing their apartment, but only enjoy a ready-to-live interior. We offer high-quality services that are tailored to the individual needs of each client, ensuring satisfaction with the end result.

We are focused on ESG

We believe that real estate can have a positive impact on people’s lives. Therefore, we aim to create housing developments in such a way as to bring real economic, social and environmental value based on and for the people. Environmental, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance (ESG) factors are key to the way we design our investments. We support the creation of healthy, functional and efficient spaces and places that benefit the environment and the community.


About us

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Our company is focused on providing high quality services and satisfying our customers. We want every customer to be assured that their requirements and needs will be fully met.

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Where we operate

We focus on the largest cities in Poland

Pegazus Investment has investments in the largest cities in Poland. Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk and Katowice are places with the greatest investment potential. The locations of our investments are characterized by developed infrastructure, good access to public transportation and proximity to green areas to ensure the future residents’ comfort of life.

Where we operate