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Pegazus Investment sp. z o.o.


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Pegazus believes in sustainable and innovative solutions in the implementation of its projects.


The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that modern and healthy living spaces have gained importance. In particular, people’s personal center of life, the private home, is more important than ever.


Creating a sustainable future through the careful use of resources.


With regard to the particularly important social aspects, we focus internally on an open corporate culture and externally on a fair and transparent partnership with our customers and subsequent users of our projects.


The energy crisis, which has been ongoing since 2022, brings the topic of “energy-efficient construction” and “energy-efficient operation” into focus when implementing our projects.


We have a clear vision for all aspects of ESG, which is strategically implemented in all areas
of our business and projects.


Our goal is to reconcile the protection of the environment, the well-being of residents and
partners, and sustainable and economic success.


Transparent corporate structures
and open, cooperative and honest communication within the company and with our business partners form the basis for successful corporate governance.


We are happy to accept the challenges of ESG standards, but see them much more as a
necessity and an opportunity for all of us.




  • Certified green buildings (e.g. BREEAM)
  • Use of sustainable construction materials and materials Utilities management
  • Maximum reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Modern building technology
  • Compliance with high energy-efficient standards
  • Environmentally friendly management of the buildings
  • Waste management and separation
  • Saving water with smart and modern technical solutions
  • Open, cooperative communication with tenants and users
  • Transparent contract design and optimization of communication (e.g., through an app).
  • Cost optimization in the management of the buildings to enable a high savings potential for tenants and users.
  • Promotion of communication and cohesion between tenants and residents in the building communities (e.g., through attractive common rooms or events)
  • Employees’ and clients` health, safety issues and well-being
  • Inclusion and Diversity in the company
  • Intercultural communication
  • Support for charitable projects
  • Open, cooperative and fair communication with employees, partners, tenants
  • Ethical Business Practices
  • Strict compliance with all legal anti-corruption and anti-money laundering regulations
  • Compliance with all legal requirements
  • Partnership-based human resources management
  • Promotion of team-building activities
  • Training on risk analysis and management
  • Compliance with applicable data protection regulations