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Pegazus Investment sp. z o.o.


Office: +48 12 397 12 27

KRS: 0000778751
NIP: 6762563845
REGON: 382912920

Asset and property management

We are a full service developer. We offer to our institutional clients a professional property and asset management, including reporting in English, Polish, German language.

What can we do for you and what can we provide you


We offer full-service for institutional clients

We offer full-service solutions for institutional clients, including investment management, risk management and consulting services, to help them achieve their financial goals.


Reporting in Polish, English or German

We offer reporting services in Polish, English or German to meet the needs of our clients.


We offer asset and property management for residential property investors

We provide asset and property management services tailored for residential property investors.


We take care about pure residential, students and PRS projects

We specialize in managing residential properties, including student housing and private rented sector (PRS) projects.


We provide successful letting and management strategies

We offer effective letting and management strategies that help our clients maximize their return on investment.


Additional we offer services in building administrations in partnership with our local partners

In addition, we partner with local companies to offer building administration services to our clients.